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What is Content Marketing?

And why you need it...

Simply put, content marketing is the process of creating, publishing, and sharing valuable and relevant content with the goal of building reputation and credibility. This form of marketing is so valuable because it can help your brand attract, gain and retain its target audience in a more organic way. 

There are numerous advantages to having a content marketing strategy as part of your brand and business growth. Content marketing helps you build authority in your space or industry. 

By providing relevant content that either solves an issue, gives information, or entertains; your target audience will begin to see you as a thought-leader in your space or industry. Making it more likely for them to do business with you. This is an important long-term approach to growing your presence and following.


Content marketing helps your brand and business stay relevant in a fast-moving digital environment. From social media to traditional forms of media; you need to make sure your products and services stay in front of your customers or potential clients. From blog posts, video content, social media posts, magazine articles, podcasts, interviews, etc... at Kaptiva, we understand the importance of what content marketing can do for your business. 

Be purposeful with your marketing strategy
5 Important Steps For You To Follow

How To Create a Successful Content Marketing Strategy?

The goal is not to be busier and add more tasks for you and your team to manage. The point of your content marketing strategy is for it to be an extension of your overall marketing strategy.


Remember that your audience is already overwhelmed with content from news, social media notifications, ads, emails, etc... Our goal is to cut through the noise. And we do that by offering content that is relevant and provides a solution.


Excellent content marketing, in the long run, will lead to more sales, brand recognition, and subject matter authority in your industry.  

Take the time to understand your customers

Knowing what your customers’ goals are when they interact with your brand is key to content strategy. 


As we talked about previously, choosing the right form of content and platform is not just about what is convenient for you. More importantly, you need to know what works best for your customers.

The rise of audio forms of content such as podcasts has shown the power it can have in building a brand's presence. Major brands and entrepreneurs are creating their own podcasts or using audio platforms like "clubhouse" to grow their audience and attract more customers. 

Decide which type of content will work right for you and your audience. You can also use some data and metrics to see what converts best for your target audience. Armed with that information, you are ready to begin creating content. 

Choose which form of content and platforms you are going to focus on.

Let's face it, you cannot do everything and be on every platform. At least, it is very difficult to do so effectively. This is why you need to focus on the right content and the platform(s) that best suits you and your audience. 


The most common forms of content marketing fall within three major categories: written, visual, and audio formats. For example; written forms could be blog posts, magazine articles, ebooks, newsletters, etc.  

Visual forms include pictures, videos, flyers, designs, etc... whether it is creating content on YouTube (tutorials, vlogs, product reveals, testimonials, and much more), posting photos and videos on your social media pages, stories, etc...


For example, YouTube is the second most traffic website in the world, so having content on its platform will help build your brand's visibility, improve your SEO, and boost your brand's reputation. 

Do they read blog posts, watch videos, and scroll your social media pages to solve problems, understand your products better, or improve their own businesses? 


From metrics, data analysis, and engagement metrics, build a more precise customer "avatar" (a profile of your typical customer) to help you better tailor your content to them. This is an important step that can take some time. Give yourself the time to the time to grow and refine your customer avatar as you acquire more data. 

Does it make any cents... or dollars?

Although it's very important to produce the type of content that your target audience will love to consume, you also need to take into consideration your ability to produce that content in a cost-effective way.


Let’s say your audience prefers video content and long-form articles, which you know after analyzing your metrics.

Like deciding what to create, the answer depends on what you’re capable of.


You’re an expert at your business, whether that’s running shoes, copy machines, or forklifts. But if you’re not an expert at copywriting, photography, or videography, and you don’t have anyone on your team who is, you might consider outsourcing your content marketing.

In house or outsourced? Very important question!

This is where Kaptiva is here to help! Our content marketing team is made up of marketers, content creators, designers, videographers, and photographers. Their job is to simply create valuable and relevant content for your target audience, and by doing so, removing that burden off your shoulder. 

You can see that most people watched at least half of your video before clicking away. Furthermore, your video posts on Facebook routinely drive engagement.


Most articles posted on your blog are shared on social media by readers and generate conversation in the form of comments on the blog page. Also, your Time on Page metrics are healthy, indicating people are skimming or reading your articles.

If you have a writing background and can tackle the articles yourself, but upgrading your video content would require you to hire a specialist, start with the articles. Make them the centerpiece of your content marketing strategy. Then add in video after your initial content marketing efforts start paying off and you can increase your budget.

Remember, content marketing is a long-term strategy. 

Many Benefits of Content Marketing

Increased brand awareness

Creating great content on a regular basis will bring people to your website, where they can explore your business and buy something from you.

Get your audience talking about you, your business, or your product. People are more inclined to share something they've enjoyed with some friends and family. That's a great way for your business to get free advertisement.

By creating great content on a regular basis, you will bring more people to your website, where they can be exposed to your business, products, and services. It's a very organic and authentic way to generate more traffic. 

Create More Conversations

Increased Website Traffic

Here's the reality; it takes time to produce quality, targeted content and build an audience. Furthermore, assessing metrics and showing the ROI of this marketing effort, which doesn’t necessarily have a money-based conversion rate, is difficult.


So don't take your content marketing as a one-off project. It’s not simply posting to a blog or having a lot of social media followers. You have to be committed to it, and you have to be good at it.

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