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How to out-perform and rank higher than your competition

Your customers and competition are on Google’s search results and Facebook. Getting ahead of them in search engine results solely through SEO takes time; at least four to nine months for a new website.


Paid search brings more customers and revenue in less time.


Paid search advertising—whether Google AdWords’ Pay-per-Click (PPC) or Facebook advertising—allows businesses to overcome the limits of organic search and reach out to potential buyers.


It means top rank in Google Search or right into your customers Facebook Newsfeed. The results are several times quicker than non-paid methods of digital marketing.

Power of Paid Ads

Benefits of Paid Ads Marketing

It takes at least four to nine months for a new website to achieve any significant placement in search results or following on social media. That’s slow! Paid search can take your website to the top or increase following on social media in a much shorter span.

Faster Results

Google Maps and other online directories are replacing Yellow Pages as the preferred method to find local businesses. Your local SEO services agency can turn your website into a highly visible place in Google Maps; increasing the chances of new customers discovering you.

Best Placement in Google Maps and Directories

You are free to set your own budget when you advertise online. Your budget can be as little as $1 a day unlike advertising in traditional media, where high fixed budgets tend to be the norm.

Best Strategy For Budgeting

SEO is complicated. Google considers more than 200 factors before assigning a rank to a website. Organic reach on social media requires expertise to utilize to its fullest extent. Paid search is a hands-free approach. You can hire Kaptiva Agency and let us do all the work while you relax and see your revenue grow.

Faster Implementation than SEO

With organic search, anyone searching with your keywords can click on your website. Or, anyone can Like or Follow you on social media. Paid ads allow you to be more precise in the choice of your audience.

Targeted & Specific Advertising

On a good day, you can receive 10X the average daily traffic or followers; and on a bad day, only a fraction of your visitors will land on your website or follow you on social media. Google AdWords and Facebook advertising can keep the flow of traffic and followers more steady.

Steady Traffic

Get Started with Paid Ads

What is Lead Generation?

So at its basic concept, lead generation [not to be confused with content marketing] is simply your ability to have new prospects for your business. Whether that means creating simple awareness that your business exists or having actually interaction with your product or service. As a business, your lead generation strategy is a mixture of tactics that eventually convert strangers into prospects and those prospects into customers. 

Most lead generation strategies are a combination of free tactics and paid ones. There are thousands of articles that will advise you on many of the free lead generation tactics. Such as writing blogs, creating videos, doing podcasts, being featured in magazines, and posting on your social media channels. There is a big chance you have heard of these approaches before, but "free" can only take you so far. 

We understand that success comes from having a well-balanced approach to marketing. At Kaptiva, we put together the right strategies based on your goals and budget for your business. 


Small businesses with limited budgets focus on outsmarting their competition and not necessarily outspending them. So we have the right game plan to have you do exactly that. 

For businesses with a more flexible marketing budget or those on a specific product or service advertisement campaign, having a paid strategy is essential. 

The art of finding new prospects for your business
Paid & Free Strategies


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